Three Delivery

Three Delivery is an animated series shown on Nicktoons Network. It was manufactured as a collaboration along with FatKat Studios and Animation Collective.

The animated series revolves on the employees of the Wu’s Garden – a Chinese restaurant in Chinatown: Calvin Wu, his mother named Mei Hua (commonly called as Nana), the son of Calvin, Barney, as well as the three delivery kids Tobey, Sid, and Sue, who have much to do than delivering takeout throughout Chinatown.

For many years ago, Kong Li released the powers of the enchanted cookbook. The pages that include magical and powerful recipes were spread all around Chinatown. A spell was placed on the region by Mei Hua to maintain the worst impacts confined to Chinatown and to safeguard the rest of the universe. Nana and the Three Delivery team are on a journey to get the powerful and enchanted recipe sheets before Kong Li does, and jeopardizes the globe.

The title of the series is considered a crafty pun on the facts that the three kids deliver takeout to Muggles as well as the enchanted cookbook pages to Nana, and that Barney, their cook is overly thrilled about the truth that Wu’s Restaurant offers free delivery.

The animated series was developed by Larry Schwarz who also is the man behind the same series like the Kappy Mikey and Speed Racer: The Next Generation. The show debuted on Nicktoons on June 27, 2008. What’s more, an episode of the animated series was first displayed at the New York Comic Con 2008 on April 19. On February same year, it was broadcasted in the United Kingdom on CVVC and Mexico at Once TV.

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