How Do I Make A Cartoon Of Myself?

How Do I Make A Cartoon Of Myself
Making a Cartoon of Yourself by Hand This is the first method.

  1. In order to draw oneself as a cartoon character, you will first need a broad picture or notion of how you would appear if you were drawn as a cartoon character. You may begin the process of creating some mental images for yourself in a fun and simple way by visiting online. You will be able to view a cartoon version of yourself if you visit Construct an image of oneself as a cartoon character on a piece of paper. To do this, begin by drawing a basic outline of your picture in black, then fill in your face characteristics, integrate your preferred clothing and haircut, and last, color in your image using various coloring tools such as pencils, crayons, and paintbrushes.
  2. Now, flip your sheet of paper over and create a cartoon version of yourself on the reverse side. Alter some of your traits this time, particularly those on your face. You may, for instance, enlarge your eyes, give yourself wild hair, or enhance some of the qualities that you already have. You may accomplish this by playing around with the proportions of your features. After that, add some color to your picture.
  3. Examine the similarities and differences between the two drawings that you have created. Do you find that there are any distinctions between the two? Can you distinguish which one is an imitation that you copied from the computer and which one is the picture of yourself that you have in your mind? One of them is an imitation that you copied from the computer.
  4. Take out another sheet of paper and start putting down ideas for the final draft of the cartoon of yourself that you are creating now that you have a notion of what the appearance of a cartoon may be. You could want your cartoon to convey a tale, or you might want to make a cartoon of yourself when you were a baby. Both of these ideas are perfectly acceptable.
  5. Get started creating the cartoon figure of yourself that you are currently visualizing in your head. If you want your outline to be more distinct, you may use a sharpie, but before you do so, you should always use a pencil in case you need to erase something. Coloring the picture in using crayons, markers, colored pencils, pastels, or even paint is something you can do after you have it.
  6. Grab a fresh sheet of paper, and using yourself as the inspiration for the main character of a cartoon series, get started jotting down some ideas. Transform it into a tale complete with a storyline and add additional characters to the mix as well.
  7. Fold a piece of blank paper into quarters, then use a pencil to design your main character on the folded paper.
  8. After you have finished drawing your primary character, proceed to do the same with any additional characters that you plan to use in your comic using only a pencil.
  9. The backdrop graphics and features of your comic may be added once all of the characters have been established on paper. These can include things like trees, animals, and furniture.
  10. After you have completed all of the sketches for your cartoon, you can go back and add the details and color to it. You may begin by outlining your pencil with a black sharpie, or you can choose to merely color it with a colored pencil. Both options are available to you.
  11. Now, feel free to insert whatever speech or action that you’d want into your animation.
  12. You have just finished drawing yourself as a cartoon character. Discover many great sketching techniques right here!
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How to create a cartoon avatar for free?

How to Make an Animated Cartoon Video of Yourself in Under 5 mins? [Easiest Tutorial]

2. Portrait Illustration Maker – Portrait Illustration Maker is an online tool that allows users to create their own avatars for free. Making your own cartoon characters is both simple and free. You only need to pick the character you want to use as your cartoonish avatar from the list of available options on the website.

You may also personalize them by modifying aspects like as the backdrop color, the facial design, the size of the eyes, and a great deal more. After you have finished making all of your desired adjustments to your avatar, you can then access the download option to obtain your free avatar so that you may use it everywhere.

You are free to implement it across all of your social profiles. If you do use it on your business blog, however, I strongly suggest that you link back to the original source.