How To Draw Your Own Cartoon Characters?

How To Draw Your Own Cartoon Characters
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1 You are going to require a concept. Why don’t you sketch a character from one of your favorite websites instead? Attempting to draw a WeeMee from the website is a fantastic way to get started.

  1. When you first design the face, don’t include a nose—just make a basic black outline instead.
  2. Next, sketch out the facial details. Instead of using colored pencils, stick to using your regular writing instrument.
  3. After that, you should add the clothes and the haircut. Always keep in mind to employ your creative side!
  4. Erase any lines that aren’t needed. Now it’s time to color your picture using various creative supplies, such as paintbrushes, colored pencils, crayons, and so on. Keep in mind that you should give your character some details in order to make them stand out.
  1. 2 Congratulations, you have successfully created your very own cartoon! So that wasn’t actually your idea, but that’s okay. Advertisement
  2. 3 The next step is to sketch on the reverse side of the card.
  3. 4 You are going to sketch up yet another character using this fresh sheet of paper. Alter the arrangement of the features, but this time. Make the eyes larger, give the skin a neon glow, and maybe give them wild hair. Experiment with garments that you would actually wear or those you covet but can’t afford. You could play about with the proportions and give it new features—for example, you might give it a nose or do other things like that. Now, give your masterpiece some color.
  4. 5 Now, let’s start comparing the two. Take note of the distinction? One is a copy, while the other is completely original to you! Take out a fresh sheet of notebook paper and start writing.
  5. 6 Immediately begin scribbling down a variety of thoughts. It’s possible that you’d like to sketch a lovable Labrador Retriever. Or, perhaps you’d want to illustrate a sweet tiny infant! Your animated short may even be about something like an apple that can talk to people.
  6. 7 Take out the other piece of paper you have. Draw the character that you have in your head. To create the outline, you may try using a Sharpie marker and first carefully tracing the pencil. Erase any random markings that may have been left on the sheet of paper. Use any writing implements you want, such as crayons, markers, colored pencils, or even pastels, for the following step. Paint is another viable option.
  7. 8 Get another sheet out of your notepad. Make a note of an idea you have for a comic book series! Create a storyline, witty quips that you may utilize, and other characters.
  8. 9 Fold the sheet of blank paper in half. Cut it into about fourths. Draw your primary character next, starting out with simply a pencil at this stage.
  9. 10 Draw the remaining characters, but simply their skeletons at this point.
  10. 11 Draw the backdrop, including any furniture, trees, or other objects you like.
  11. 12 Go back and add detail. Use a Sharpie or a black marker to trace the outline. Remove all stray markings from the paper. If you so choose, color it.
  12. 13 Adding conversation makes the action more believable.
  13. 14 The conclusion is as follows. Your ideal, most incredible, and utterly unique animation! Congratulations!
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  • Question How can I make the cartoon figure seem more ridiculous? Stretch or compress the nose, lips, eyes, face, ears, and other parts of the character to give them an exaggerated appearance.
  • Question What are the steps involved in making a chibi character? Make the body tiny and squat, with short, pudgy arms and legs as well as little hands and feet. The head should be large and somewhat circular in shape. The eyes should be far bigger than average, perhaps with enormous sparkles caused by reflected light
  • in contrast, the nose and mouth should be extremely small or nearly nonexistent (unless the character is screaming or sneezing, etc. If you find that this information is not useful, you can check for books on manga drawing that are available in public libraries
  • these books typically have some chibi alternatives.
  • Question What if you want to sketch a person who isn’t imaginary (like someone I actually know)? Do you act in the same manner? Yes. In addition, there are a plethora of books on artistic instruction that can be found in public libraries, and they can be of use. If that is not possible, you may try studying an image of the person in question and modeling your performance after it.

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  • Don’t try to recreate cartoons word for word. But don’t forget to give each one its own personality.
  • Don’t be scared to let loose and have a good time when drawing your cartoons.
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  • If you want to take your cartooning seriously, you shouldn’t copy the work of other cartoonists. Have you thought of trying to have a cartoon published? Don’t imitate what other people are doing.
  • Keep in mind that even if you can fly in your animation, it does not always mean that you can do so in real life. Therefore, while you fantasize, be careful not to lose touch with reality. Don’t bother the paper or the press with things that are too outlandish.


How do I know my animation style?

How To Draw Your Own Cartoon Characters
In conclusion, I’d say that you’ve got it covered! Discovering your own unique animation style may be accomplished with the aid of these four helpful hints. When you are drawing, make use of real-life sources; pay attention to the details; study how the many components of drawing work together by replicating the work of other artists; have the courage to begin creating something completely new; and practice refining your style on a daily basis.

If you follow these guidelines, you will undoubtedly be well on your way to creating original animated characters and, in the future, you will have the opportunity to land jobs that will help you further your career in animation.

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