Movie Where Kid Goes To Library And Turns Into Cartoon?

Movie Where Kid Goes To Library And Turns Into Cartoon
The Master of the Pages A timid young man who hides his fears by immersing himself in accident data runs for shelter from a storm into a library, where he is met by the Pagemaster, who transforms him into an animated image.

Is The Pagemaster a Disney movie?

The Pagemaster should be on Disney Plus, so why isn’t it? Even though The Pagemaster is a picture that was produced by 20th Century Studios—a company that is now controlled by Disney—HBO and 20th Century Studios had previously reached a partnership agreement (which currently gives the rights to HBO).

Did Rodney Dangerfield turn into a cartoon dog?

Movie Where Kid Goes To Library And Turns Into Cartoon Movie Where Kid Goes To Library And Turns Into Cartoon 18 The Prince and the Pauper was a short animated film that was given a new lease on life when it was released on VHS. The decade known as the ’90s is commonly referred to as the ‘Disney Renaissance,’ as the House of Mouse produced success after hit from 1989 all the way through 1999.

However, this does not mean that each and every movie that was released in theaters during the 1990s under the Disney banner was destined for greatness. In fact, there were plenty of Disney movies that were released in theaters during the 1990s that were forgotten over time, such as The Prince and the Pauper.

This brief stars Mickey Mouse in both of the eponymous characters in the classic Mark Twain story about a prince and a pauper who switch places. It was originally released as a short and played as an appetizer before The Rescuer’s Down Under in the year 1990.

  • The Prince and the Pauper would find a second life on VHS, becoming a standard in the collections of many children who were growing up in the 1990s, whereas The Rescuers Down Under was not a commercial success at the box office.
  • Disney+ is the place to stream.
  • The human mind struggles to make sense of a great number of mysteries.
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Do we have no counterparts in the vastness of space? Is there some kind of life after death? Who precisely was it that Rover Dangerfield was working for? Yes, this obscure animated picture kidnapped legendary foul-mouthed comedian Rodney Dangerfield and transformed him into a cartoon dog before sending him on a hilarious, family-friendly misadventure, which is just as bizarre an idea now as it was in 1991.

The film was released in 1991. Rover Dangerfield was a complete and utter oddball in every way; the show was too innocent for the adult fans of Dangerfield, and its star was someone no youngster would know. The plot of the movie revolves around the main character, Rover, who is uprooted from his home in Las Vegas and made to adapt to life on a farm, resulting in a great deal of “No respect” jokes.


Despite receiving negative reviews and doing poorly at the box office, the movie was released on VHS and quickly became a hit with children of the 1990s. AppleTV is the place to stream content.

Where can I ask “what’s The name of that movie?

UPDATE — You may now ask and answer all your ” Name That Movie ” questions over at Filmfind . This article got so insanely popular that it was well-needed. We all do it: ” What’s the name of that movie? ” ” What’s that actor’s name? ” Sometimes, you need to ease your mind because you simply have to know. Movie Where Kid Goes To Library And Turns Into Cartoon