What Does Cartoon Cat Look Like In Real Life?

What Does Cartoon Cat Look Like In Real Life

Classification: Supernatural Entity
Created By: Trevor Henderson

Trevor Henderson, a Canadian horror artist who also goes by the handle @SlimySwampGhost, is the one who conceived out the idea for the urban legend known as Cartoon Cat. The term “Cartoon Cat” comes from the fact that the character’s look is reminiscent of a cartoon cat from the 1930s; yet, Cartoon Cat has no similarity to a real cat.

  1. It is speculated that he most resembles an ancient cartoon character named Felix the Cat.
  2. Except for his very realistic looking teeth, which are crooked and yellowed, and often stained with blood, either from his victims, or from clenching his teeth too hard, causing his gums to bleed.
  3. Cartoon Cat is all black in color, with cartoony features such as his large, dilated eyes, and his big white cartoon gloves, except for his very realistic looking teeth, which are crooked and yellowed, and often stained with blood.

The majority of sightings report that the creature does not have a tail or feet, and that its legs finish in blunt points. Although his designer characterizes him as ” flexible “, he is most commonly seen as described above, with just a few variations with certain sightings, such as having feet that are merely shoe-shaped, without any toes.

How did cartoon cat start?

History and biography include: – The artwork that would later become known as “Cartoon Cat” was first published online by horror artist Trevor Henderson on August 4, 2018. In the picture, we see the interior of a mysterious structure that has been abandoned, and we are staring at a doorway that is guarded by a creature that looks like a black-and-white cartoon dog from the 1930s but has the texture and appearance of a rubber hose.

The caption on the photograph reads, “They’re just like your favorite cartoons,” which leads one to believe that this is either one of many distinct creatures, such as Cartoon Cat, or simply another shape that the creature has assumed. The next day, on August 10, a second photograph was made available to the general public with the following caption: “What they found in the dirt mall.” The photograph depicts the interior of a defunct dirt mall, and it also provides a full-body perspective of Cartoon Cat walking toward the camera.

10 Cartoon Cat Sighting In Real Life

This is the earliest photograph that shows Cartoon Cat in his most familiar form, which is characterized by a body that is all black, a head that is round, cartoony features, and the absence of feet or a tail. Then, on the 15th of August, five days later, a third photograph of the creature was shared with the caption: “All the classics are coming back.” This image depicted Cartoon Cat standing at a crossroad in the middle of the night.

The picture appears to have been taken from the interior of a vehicle, with the headlights being the only source of light that illuminates Cartoon Cat. However, due to Cartoon Cat’s height, only its legs and arms are visible, along with its head hanging down to the ground off to the side from its long, rubber hose-like neck.

This photograph is the only one that has been seen so far that depicts the creature with visible “feet,” which have the look of simple shoes and do not have any toes. A fourth photograph with the inscription “For you, Anon” was published on the 22nd of August.

  • This image was another full-body view of Cartoon Cat, and it showed him standing in front of a derelict building with his mouth gaping open and his body swaying.
  • He did not have any feet in this image.
  • On September 26, a photo of Cartoon Cat that was highly unsettling in appearance was shared online.
  • In the image, the creature can be seen standing in what appears to be a home.
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The monster is depicted here as being considerably smaller than in his earlier photos; yet, it is still taller than the ordinary human being and has lips and gums that are in poor condition along with much bigger teeth than normal. The “Cartoon Cat Fact Sheet” was published on October 10 and showed a close-up of Cartoon Cat stretching out towards the spectator with a large grin full of yellowed teeth streaming with blood, once again, possibly due to a victim or bleeding gums.

  1. The blood was dripping from Cartoon Cat’s mouth.
  2. Under his profile picture is some information that appears to be a listing of some data about this mystery being; however, the majority of the text is obscured by black bars that are labeled with the word “REDACTED.” Some of the material is less covered than others, and some of it reads as follows: “Often found in abandoned,” “show from 1939,” “INCREDIBLY CRUEL,” and “is assumed to be.” This leads one to believe that Animation Cat is based on, or maybe potentially originated from, an older cartoon that was produced in 1939, much like the well-known independent video game Bendy and the Ink Machine.

On Trevor’s Tumblr, under the comments section of his responses to people’s inquiries, you may get further information. He claims that Cartoon Cat is the most hazardous creature in his collection throughout these texts. He also claims that Cartoon Cat is so dangerous that other monsters and creatures stay away from the unknown dirt mall that serves as his cave as much as they possibly can, “If they know what’s good for them.” When asked what makes Cartoon Cat such a risk, Trevor gives a short and straightforward response: “Unchecked restrictions.” The character of Cartoon Cat is seen rather frequently in popular media such as videos of video games, short animated stories, and other similar content.

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How did cartoon cat get made?

Trevor Henderson, a Canadian horror artist, is the one responsible for creating the threatening cryptid and urban legend known as Cartoon Cat. His genesis may be traced back to a tweet published on August 4, 2018.