What Scp Is Cartoon Dog?

What Scp Is Cartoon Dog
Object Number: SCP-2643 Object Class: Euclid Specific Methods for the Containment of: At this time, the SCP-2643 containment procedure only involves the dissemination of information. Mobile Task Force Nu-9 (“Curiosity”) is keeping a close eye on the anomaly’s activity zone, recording its annual moves, and running misinformation efforts in an effort to keep the general public from becoming aware of the phenomenon.

  1. Amnestic treatments are generally ineffective because of the wide range of effects caused by SCP-2643.
  2. In the event that an affected individual poses a significant threat to containment, amnestic treatments of any class, up to and including the Omega class, may be authorized; however, this authorization can only be granted following the approval of two Level 3 personnel, of which at least one must be an Ethics Committee liaison.

There is not to be any direct action taken against the subjects who pose a minor danger. In order to create a plausible non-anomalous source of memories associated with SCP-2643, the Foundation has commissioned a children’s book and cartoon featuring a cat with a name and appearance similar to SCP-2643, as well as a plot which mirrors the narrative SCP-2643 typically follows.

  • This was done in order to create a plausible non-anomalous source of memories.
  • These have been given a publication history that has been fabricated in order to encompass the entirety of the SCP-2643’s activity.
  • The SCP-2643 anomaly is a phenomenon that has been observed to alter the memories of a subset of human subjects.

Those who are affected are under the impression that, at some point during their youth, they were responsible for and had a close relationship with a stray cat. Everyone who has been impacted says that they have given the cat the name Ubaste 1, and they all describe it in the same way.

Even among people who are not familiar with Egyptian mythology, the name persists. The majority of the people surveyed were unable to explain why they chose the name, and the most common response was that “it felt right.” In spite of vivid recollections (see details below) , none of the people who have been questioned have been able to produce any proof of the existence of the pet, such as veterinarian bills, photographs, or any other evidence.

In a similar vein, neither the afflicted person’s acquaintances nor their family members have been able to provide any evidence to support their claims. The subjects always indicate that the implanted memories belong to a time precisely ten years before they were first affected, and this time period is always exactly ten years before the subjects first display symptoms between the ages of 17 and 25.

  1. These individuals typically originate from families with a poor income, and the majority of them identify themselves as having had a low social position and few friends when they were younger.
  2. The affected memories often follow the same fundamental story structure 2: 24-27 December: SCP-2643 makes its initial appearance around Christmas, providing the person with solace after they have experienced some form of strife, typically of a familial nature.

From the 28th of December through the 31st of January, SCP-2643 will only appear in memories involving conflict, suffering, or disappointment, and will always appear to soothe the subject while they are in a state of anguish. From the 1st of February through the 30th of May, SCP-2643 will make more frequent appearances, typically waiting for the subject when they get home from school or sitting outside their window in the evenings.

  1. During this time frame, the majority of participants will report spending a significant amount of time conversing with SCP-2643.
  2. From June 1 to July 31, there is an uptick in SCP-2643 activity.
  3. Affected people have reported slipping out of their houses to play with SCP-2643, spending a significant amount of time investigating the surroundings surrounding their residences.

SCP-2643 follows afflicted individuals everywhere they go between the dates of 3 August and 19 December, remaining near but concealed from other humans at all times.20-23 December: SCP-2643 departs, exactly one year after its initial apparition. It has been determined through interviews with the relatives of afflicted individuals that the majority of test subjects display a discernible change in personality after SCP-2643 is supposedly implanted into their memory.

  • The respondents’ families say that they have greater self-assurance and that they are less prone to despair and worry.
  • It appears that the effects of SCP-2643 are confined to a handful of small towns located in the southwestern United States.
  • So far, the anomaly has only affected a single town each year, and its effects appear in a different adjacent place around the time of Christmas each year.

Research reveals that SCP-2643 specifically targets persons who resided in its area of impact at the period of affected memories, regardless of whether or not they are presently living in the region. This is the case regardless of whether or not they are currently living in the area.4 Discovery: The discovery of SCP-2643 was made possible as a result of a security breach that occurred within the database access systems of the College.

  • This breach led to the public dumping of authorization questions that were used for the recovery of lost accounts.
  • Amy, a journalist at the school paper, was reading through students’ personal security questions after the user data had been made publicly available.
  • While she was doing so, she noticed that nearly 5% of users had answered the question “What was the name of your first pet?” with the word “Ubaste.” Amy was surprised to learn this.

After deciding to publish an article about “oddly called pets,” Ms. chose to conduct interviews with various students. She found that the students’ recollections of their childhood cats were very similar to one another. After making a post on social media in which she questioned whether or if the student body was trying to pull a practical joke on her, Ms.

  • brought the oddity to the attention of the Foundation.
  • A Foundation operative who was already embedded in the local police department received the notification and made the decision to investigate. Ms.
  • and any other individuals who were aware of the anomaly were administered amnestics, and current informational containment procedures were put into place.
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The leaked forum material and Ms.’s social media accounts were also deleted. Addendum: Taken from the preceding interview Vincent Marx, who has been impacted by SCP-2643 since 12/24/20, was the subject of this interview. Interviewer: Dr. █████ Foreword: Mr.

Marx was told that the Foundation was interested in SCP-2643 due to its unusual behavior. The Foundation’s interest was brought to Mr. Marx’s attention. He was let to continue under the impression that the events he claimed to have had with SCP-2643 were real. Only the final words and the remaining 20% of the interview were considered important.

The complete log is kept in the central archive and may be retrieved there at any time. Dr.: Do you believe that Ubaste was a constructive force in your life? Dr.: Marx: Oh, yes, quite certainly. Because of her, I’ve become a much more resilient person.

  1. Dr. : It would appear that this personal strength did not manifest itself to be very significant until this past year, though, right? Marx: Yeah, looks so.
  2. (Marx lets out a giggle) I think I was just at a loss on how to put it into practice.
  3. If the world won’t let you accomplish what you know you’re capable of doing, it doesn’t matter how much you know you can do.

The year before last, though, I had forgotten how I had felt when she first appeared, and I made the decision to quit squandering the gifts that she had given me. Totally altered the course of my life. I’m going to guess for the second time. Dr. A: So you’re saying that it was challenging to maintain a connection to what Ubaste had accomplished for you when it was no longer present? Marx: I suppose that’s the case.

  1. Dr. █████: And how did her departure make you feel? Marx: Oh, of course I was filled with sorrow.
  2. But overall it felt okay.
  3. As she was walking away, she paused for a brief second and cast a glance over her shoulder, at which point I realized that everything was going to be well.
  4. The good news is that I just have one more question for you, Doctor.

What do you suppose the reason behind Ubaste’s departure was? Marx: I believe that she had done everything she could for me at that point. (There is a pause.) And I believe that she got the impression that I was prepared to let her go. And I have no doubt that as soon as she left me, she went straight up to some other youngster and similarly altered the course of his life.

What SCP number is cartoon mouse?

An example snapshot of SCP-3371, taken in the backyard of a researcher’s house whose identity has been withheld. Take note that the entrance leading into the backyard of the house is ajar. Object Number: SCP-3371 Keter is an Object Class. Special Containment Procedures: All containment operations, including public education, are henceforth designated as public disinformation until SCP-3371 has been adequately researched and recorded.

  1. Webcrawlers employed by the Foundation are tasked with monitoring all social media platforms in order to remove and/or discredit any content that could be associated with SCP-3371.
  2. Those who have been affected by SCP-3371 are to be quarantined and, if required, given amnestics of Class B.
  3. The associated disappearances are to be ignored, and then, as required by the normal operating procedure, they are to be attributed to plausible cover tales.

The phenomenon known as SCP-3371 is characterized by the taking of photographs of the exteriors as well as the interiors of residential and commercial buildings located all over the United States. These photographs are then uploaded to various social media platforms and forum websites located all over the internet.

According to a review of the information that was made accessible, all of these photographs, which are typically shot with the camera held at the same height as the subject’s eye, were taken with a Samsung HandyCam CX405 Camcorder. Residents of these buildings have said that they are unable to recollect seeing anyone who may be the offender either inside or in the immediate vicinity of the building.

It is possible for smaller things, commodities, and other items to vanish from sites that have been touched by SCP-3371.2 Allegations have been made that bigger objects in regions with extended SCP-3371 activity have either vanished or become shifted, and shortly thereafter, the occupants themselves have been claimed to have experienced the same phenomenon.

  1. A photograph obtained by SCP-3371 depicting an unidentified person dozing off within their own residence.
  2. Discovery: Foundation employees were made aware of SCP-3371 for the first time after a researcher at Site-119-3 reported receiving unsolicited social media posts of themselves, with as many as 40 images being shot inside their house.

After an effort to report these photos over the internet was met with rejection, a request for an official inquiry into the situation was submitted and granted approval. The initial investigation resulted in the intelligence division of the Foundation coming to the conclusion that the posts in question were, despite their unsettling nature, not of an anomalous nature.

However, a subsequent thorough sweep of the property revealed signs of antimemetic interference throughout the premises. Following a subsequent vote, SCP-3371 was given the go-ahead to be formally documented, which resulted in additional inquiry into the property itself. In the later part of that week, while Agent Ray Wolls was patrolling the site, he reported seeing something suspicious near one of the surveillance cameras.

The previously described anti-memetic impact prevented the identification of the aforementioned visual disturbance. In addition, Wolls’ account lacked sufficient detail to discern any information about the occurrence prior to its demanifestation, making it impossible to identify the phenomenon.

Shortly after this, automated online systems reported a large increase in the amount of SCP-3371 activity. This activity was noticeably more intrusive in nature, with images being taken of inhabitants engaging in activities such as sleeping, showering, and changing clothes, among other things. A noteworthy corridor located within Site-119 that has certain antimemetic traces that are slightly higher than the usual.

An supplementary inquiry into the likely mechanism(s) via which the images were being taken was carried out; however, progress was greatly hindered by SCP-3371’s seemingly unnoticeable mode of manifestation, which caused the investigation to take substantially longer than expected.

After a period of many weeks during which there was very little progress made, Agent Wolls reported that there was another visual disturbance present within Site-119. When questioned for more information, Wolls said that the camera in Hallway 13A was where he observed the unidentified figure. Attempts to watch this occurrence using Foundation cameras were unsuccessful, and Wolls noted this when he was asked for greater detail.

It was alleged that said somebody was standing in the opposite corridor holding up a camera and directing it at the subject of the video. In spite of his assertions, the automated security at Site-119 found no evidence of anyone entering or leaving the facility without authorization.

An comprehensive search of the facility turned up no evidence of any anomalies, with the exception of a trace quantity of anti-matter interference that could be found in some hallways.4 As a result of Wolls’ claims, however, subsequent research into the security system at Site-119 found that the cameras and equipment had first been provided by ADT, an American security business.

According to the findings of an internal investigation of ADT and its products, the cameras themselves were once made by APE Security Solutions, a now-defunct business that had been purchased up and integrated with multiple other security organizations, including Ring and SimpliSafe.

  1. Based on this information and the anomaly’s apparent ability to manifest and demanifest at will, it is hypothesized that this technology, which is currently used in 70% of all buildings, including Site-119, is the primary medium through which SCP-3371 conducts its manifestations.
  2. This technology is currently used in 70% of all buildings, including Site-119.
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In the weeks that followed, there was another rise in activity with SCP-3371, and this time, Agent Wolls was the focus of the images that were posted.5 Since the most recent activity spike caused by SCP-3371, seventeen ballpoint pens, eight cafeteria trays, five notebooks given by the Foundation, three Euclid-Class anomalies, and Agent Jayce Wolls have all been reported missing as of the time of this writing.

What kind of dog is Bolt?

Aspects of one’s persona The movie does not reveal Bolt’s breed, although the animators were inspired by the Swiss White Shepherd Dog while designing him. His large, perked ears and long, bushy tail are the most obvious signs of this inspiration.

Which SCP is Lego?

SCP-387 is a toy SCP that is classified as Safe and is kept within the SCP Foundation. It is also known by the pseudonym “Living Legos.”

Is there a rat SCP?

Object Number: SCP-798 Classification of the Object: Safe and Special Containment SCP-798 is now contained within a cage of 80 centimeters by 60 centimeters and resting on a wooden table. Procedures: No employees are permitted to approach SCP-798 on their own.

  • The containment unit for SCP-798 is to be stored in a safe location within a lower-level cell.
  • The SCP-798 has the appearance of a grey or beige adult rat that is in good health.
  • However, it has been seen to participate in behaviors that are often associated with corvids or higher mammals.
  • These behaviors include self-awareness, problem solving, and the limited use of tools, all of which show that it possesses a greater level of intelligence than other mammals.

The feeding needs, sleep habits, and metabolic rate of SCP-798 are all consistent with those of a Rattus norvegicus, and results of blood testing demonstrate that it is a member of this species. SCP-798 exhibits the capacity to affect other creatures from a distance, and if it is permitted to develop direct contact with them, it can even dominate them.

  • The subject’s talents have been shown to be far less successful when used to cetaceans, corvids, and primates; the subject does not appear to be able to build a physical relationship with these types of species.
  • The results of recent experiments indicate that SCP-798 does not appear to be capable of exerting any influence over members of its own species.

Recent testing suggest that SCP-798 exhibits distinct behaviors when engaging with members of its own species compared to when it is interacting with other SCPs. Addendum: X-rays, CRT scans, and indicate that SCP-798 is a normal rat, and no increased electrical, chemical, or neurological activity has ever been seen in either SCP-798 or any of its targets.

  • Additionally, there is no evidence that SCP-798 is able to affect any of its targets in any way.
  • Log 798-1: Request access to the Incident Report in order to obtain further details.
  • Researchers: Agents and, please log in 798-2.
  • SCP-798 was subjected to its standard monitoring procedure, during which it was observed as it began to feed, preened itself, and reorganized its bedding.

It stopped eating in the middle of its meal and began looking intensely at Agent for a few moments. Agent rose slowly from his seat and extended his hand toward the cage while proclaiming his intention to “let the little man run about a little.” Agent A grabbed his arm and confronted him in a direct manner, which was enough to stop him.

  • Addendum 798-2.1: The events that occurred with Agent suggest that SCP-798 is capable of exerting a psychological influence on those who are in relatively close contact to it.
  • This experiment has been repeated several times, and the results each time suggest that the individual can easily overcome this effect by applying their willpower and/or being aware that they are being controlled.
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It has been demonstrated that SCP-798 is capable of making researchers experience significant feelings of guilt during proceduress such as shock therapy and blood drawing. The majority of SCP-798’s subconscious broadcasts are demands for release or additional nourishment.

  1. Researchers: Agents and, please log in 798-3.
  2. SCP-798 was left alone with a domestic cat that belonged to Agent for the duration of the procedure.
  3. Information: The cat instantly hopped up onto SCP-798’s table and started to nudge the cage off, where it impacted the ground, dislodging the holding pin in the process.

Details: When SCP-798 was finally freed, the cat immediately fell to its knees and permitted SCP-798 to pass through. Researchers are identified as Doctor and Agent, according to Log 798-4 Using a remote-controlled lock on their respective cages, SCP-798 and three canine test subjects (designated D1, D2, and D3) were let out inside of a chamber measuring 4 meters by 4 meters.

  1. Dogs were freed from their duties as research animals at a pharmaceutical company.
  2. Their ages and breeds are unknown, however it is estimated that their ages range between four and 10 years.
  3. After the doors were removed, which allowed them to see more clearly, the dogs proceeded in the direction of SCP-798 immediately.

The primary test subject was reached by D3 first, which made it possible for SCP-798 to attach itself to the primary test subject’s head. It displayed normal territorial behavior by barking at the other subjects, which prompted the other subjects to reply in like.

  • This quickly evolved into a battle involving all three dogs.
  • D3, despite being the smallest of the three and after suffering significant injuries to the jugular region, was triumphant in the battle, killing both D1 and D2.
  • After that, the one dog that had survived strolled over to the cage and laid down inside of it.

After making its way back to its bed, SCP-798 scrubbed off the blood on its body and then went to sleep. D3 did not recover from his injuries and it was determined that he had had a fatal aneurysm. Log 798-5: Doctor X and Agent X are both researchers. The procedure entails placing SCP-798 and another specimen of Rattus norvegicus (R1) in a cage measuring 80 cm by 60 cm and dividing the space between them with a divider made of clear plastic.

R1 quickly launched an assault on SCP-798 when the partition was removed, as described in the details. Both of the researchers stated that they had a rapid onset of severe agony; quotation from Agent : “It felt like I was being smothered to death. It felt like having a headache as something forced its way down your throat and filled your abdominal cavity with boiling water.

Never felt anything like that.” Agent reaches into the cage, carefully separates the two animals, and then replaces the divider as per the order given by Doctor. SCP-798 was found to have many bite wounds, in contrast to the other rat, which looked to have been unharmed.

  1. Addendum 798-5.1: It would appear that SCP-798 is incapable of exerting any influence on other rats; rather, its sheer existence causes the rats to be overcome with a primitive and homicidal wrath.
  2. Addendum 798-5.2: The employees on watch duty reported that R1 started vocalizing a distressed scream one hour after the operation 798-5 had been completed.

SCP-798 was observing the other rat very closely from its vantage point behind the partition. R1 experienced a brief but extremely severe seizure when it started bleeding from the mouth and defecating all over its part of the cage. The seizure lasted just a few seconds but was highly violent.

What is cartoon mouse?

Origin – Before becoming a cartoon creature, Cartoon Mouse was a lab rat named Bartholomew (perhaps in Russia or Germany by the name), who was injected with part of Cartoon Cat’s DNA by some scientists, who then transformed him into Cartoon Mouse. He has ill will against those individuals who are trained in science.

Is Big Charlie and SCP?

Trivia – Following their transformation into Lil Nugget, the bits of flesh that fall from Big Charlie progress to become either The Lamb or Void Nugget. Even though it appears to be a terrifying beast, people generally do not need to worry about being attacked by it.

Big Charlie had being pursued by humans for his flesh, but he eventually managed to escape the facility where he was being held. And is currently on the run for their lives. Additionally, Big Charlie is being considered for the role of SCP-4158. After further investigation, Trevor Henderson determined that Big Charlie is a SCP.

Here is the evidence. It was strongly suggested that Big Charlie was one of the more feeble species. Certainly one of the weakest creatures that may be found anywhere in the Mythos. This is rather strange since, according to the passage, since Big Charlie is one of the members of the group that symbolizes the Holy Trinity, it follows that Big Charlie possesses a significant amount of power.