Where Is The Cartoon Network Hotel Located?

Where Is The Cartoon Network Hotel Located
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What country is the Cartoon Network Hotel?

Activities That Are Both Fun And Exciting For The Entire Family – We are excited to welcome you to the very first Cartoon Network Hotel in the world! As soon as you step into the lobby, you will know that this hotel is unlike any other location that you have ever been with your family.

  • Having a sleepover in one of our character-themed guest rooms or Dream Suites is just like spending the night in a cartoon! Visit the Cartoon Kitchen for a meal and enjoy delectable cuisine inspired by some of your favorite cartoons and TV series (how about some bacon pancakes?).
  • As you immerse yourself in the world of cartoons through our everyday activities and experiences, you’ll find that every turn brings a new opportunity for excitement.

It’s everything you love about Cartoon Network packed into one enjoyable hotel experience for the whole family, and it’s right here in Lancaster, Pennsylvania!

How much does it cost to stay at the Cartoon Network Hotel?

Cartoon Network Hotel Full Tour

Where Is The Cartoon Network Hotel Located Where Is The Cartoon Network Hotel Located Where Is The Cartoon Network Hotel Located There are 159 hotel rooms at the brand-new Cartoon Network Hotel, but four of them really stand out from the others (and cost more). These four VIP suites, sometimes known as “dream Suites,” are located on the top floor of the hotel. The “dream suites” are placed in the main structure, just above the lobby on the upper floors.

  1. The former hotel in the neighborhood had ten guest rooms available.
  2. The walls were taken down in order to make place for these huge suites, which were created as a result.
  3. The nightly rate for the dream suites is a whopping $459, which is rather expensive.
  4. Despite this, the cost varies according on the time of year.
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According to the information provided on the hotel’s website, the cost of a stay during the winter season is $339. And despite the fact that the price tag can give you sticker shock, if you have a large party, it is not completely out of the question because it is more affordable than booking two standard rooms.

  • The ordinary rooms at the hotel appear to cost $169 per night during the winter months and $289 per night during the summer months.
  • So, for that price, what do you get? On January 10th, the Cartoon Network Hotel first welcomed guests.
  • (Contributed by Megan Lavey-Heaton) The Adventure Time, Ben 10, Powerpuff Girls, and Steven Universe suites are the most spacious of the four options, and each one is themed after a different popular cartoon character.

The rooms have the capacity to accommodate anywhere from six to eight individuals at a time. There is space for up to six people in two of the rooms, while up to eight people can be accommodated in the other two rooms. The distinction between the two is that one of the master bedrooms in one of the suites has a king-sized bed, while the other master bedroom in the other suite has two double beds.

  • In addition, two of the rooms are handicapped-accessible.
  • despite the fact that each of the four rooms is unique.
  • The following is a list of everything that is contained in the Adventure Time Suite that is accessible to ADA.
  • Wi-Fi; a kitchenette with a microwave and a mini refrigerator; a coffeemaker; a dining table with six chairs; an in-room safe; a tub room and a shower room; a separate bedroom with a master bathroom; two sets of bunk beds; 32-inch televisions connected to each bunk bed; a 75-inch television in the living room area with custom Cartoon Network channels; an in-room safe; a tub room and a shower room; a dining table with six The walls and bedding are decorated to reflect one of the shows that you watch.
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One example can be found in the Steven Universe room, which features a character from the show named Garnet on the pillows. During this time, the Steven Universe logo is displayed on the wall. The dream suites feature unique artwork in the form of original sketches from various series on Cartoon Network.

The rooms also have vibrant furnishings in addition to the paintings, sketches, and other works of art that serve as decorations. On January 10th, the Cartoon Network Hotel first welcomed guests. (Contributed by Megan Lavey-Heaton) There is plenty of space to move around thanks to the fact that each suite has two bedrooms that are separated from one another by a sizable living room area that has a wide seating area.

Diana Bernardo, who is the general manager of the hotel, stated that she anticipates a high level of room turnover. She told PennLive one month ago, “They have been extremely, really popular so far over the internet.” On Friday, around six in the morning, the doors of the Cartoon Network Hotel were first unlocked.

  • The hotel is owned by the same company that also runs Dutch Wonderland, namely Palace Entertainment and the Cartoon Network Hotel.
  • On January 10th, the Cartoon Network Hotel first welcomed guests.
  • (Contributed by Megan Lavey-Heaton) Guests staying in the hotel’s dream suites will, of course, also have access to the facilities of the rest of the property.

The hotel features a swimming pool designed in the manner of a resort, a water play area, an outdoor amphitheater with a large movie screen, an indoor swimming pool, a gaming room, an interactive play area, and an arcade. The hotel also features two main restaurants: the Cartoon Kitchen, which will be open all day and will feature dishes such as Jake’s ultimate cheesy nachos and Fox’s chicken pot pie, and the Bearista Café, which will offer coffee, tea, specialty drinks, sandwiches, and snacks from six in the morning until midnight.

  1. In addition, there is a seasonal market located near the pool, room service boxes, and a kids’ kitchen that will provide culinary and craft workshops conducted by the hotel’s activities staff.
  2. All of these amenities are seasonal in nature.
  3. In addition to that, there is a store devoted to Cartoon Network located within the hotel.
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In addition, guests have the opportunity to purchase discounted tickets to the adjacent attraction, Dutch Wonderland. – Business Buzz – Sign up for PennLive’s newsletters We appreciate you taking the time to visit PennLive. There has never been a time when high-caliber local journalism was more crucial.