Where On Earth Is Carmen Sandiego Cartoon?

Where on Earth Is Carmen Sandiego?
Distributor United States DIC Entertainment 20th Television Worldwide 20th Television (Season 1-3) Buena Vista International Television (Season 4)
Original network Fox (Fox Kids)
Original release February 5, 1994 – January 2, 1999

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Is Carmen Sandiego anime or cartoon?

Carmen Sandiego
Genre Action-Adventure Comedy Mystery-Drama Educational
Based on Carmen Sandiego by Broderbund
Developed by Duane Capizzi
Directed by Jos Humphrey Kenny Park Mike West
Voices of Gina Rodriguez Finn Wolfhard Michael Hawley Abby Trott Paul Nakauchi Dawnn Lewis Liam O’Brien
Theme music composer Jared Lee Gosselin
Opening theme “Carmen Sandiego” performed by Raquel Castro
Composers Steve D’Angelo Lorenzo Castelli
Country of origin Canada United States
Original language English
No. of seasons 4
No. of episodes 32 (+1 special)
Executive producers Caroline Fraser C.J. Kettler (S1-2) Anne Loi Kirsten Newlands (S1-2) Amir Nasrabadi (S3-4)
Producer Brian Hulme
Running time 24–33 minutes
Production companies WildBrain Studios HMH Productions I Can & I Will Productions
Original network Netflix
Original release January 18, 2019 – January 15, 2021
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Based on the Broderbund media property of the same name, the animated action-adventure television series Carmen Sandiego features educational components throughout its action-packed adventures and storylines. A “serialized look at Carmen’s background that is recounted from her perspective” is included in this series, which is produced by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt with WildBrain acting as the production firm.

It is the fourth Carmen Sandiego television show after the PBS game shows Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? and Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego?, and the Fox animated series Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?; it is also the first Carmen Sandiego related show since the conclusion of Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego in 1999.

The show serves as an origin story for the fictional thieving villain with the same name. The series features many characters that have appeared in previous installments of the franchise over its 35-year run, including Carmen Sandiego herself, who made her debut in the first World video game; The Chief, who assumed her current form in the World game show; Player, Zack, and Ivy, who were featured in the Earth animated series; Julia Argent, who made her debut in Treasures of Knowledge; and Chase Devineaux, who made his debut in Word Detective.

Are Zack and Ivy twins?

Zack is a professional thief who frequently collaborates with both Carmen Sandiego and his elder sister Ivy. Both Zack and Ivy have their roots in Boston, Massachusetts, which is one of the most historic cities in the United States.

Who was Carmen Sandiego 1990s?

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How old is Zack in Carmen Sandiego?

Trivia – His character possesses a high level of intelligence. Zack demonstrated in the episode “Split Up” that he is even brighter than Dr. Sarah Bellum, a genius robot developer and one of Carmen Sandiego’s henchwomen, who has an IQ of 200. In the series, he is a teenager of 14 years old.

Is Carmen Sandiego LGBT?

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Who does Carmen Sandiego have a crush on?

The navigation system –

SHIPS het Red Crackle
femslash Carulia • Carmivy • Paper Sheep
family Carmsan

Did Carmen Sandiego find her mom?

Vera Cruz was a mysterious woman about whom very little information was provided (since Shadowsan had never met her and had never even heard of her), but it was revealed that she had come into contact with V.I.L.E. Dexter Wolfe in some way and that she had apparently fallen in love with him, eventually becoming either his wife or lover.

  1. The two finally had a kid, who would later grow up to be the notorious Black Sheep/Carmen Sandiego, and (presumably knowing of Wolfe’s employment) formed a plan to move away and start a new life someplace else.
  2. This child would later become Carmen Sandiego.
  3. However, when V.I.L.E.
  4. began to notice that Wolfe’s missions were becoming longer and discovered that he was transferring money between bank accounts in Switzerland, they became concerned that he might be planning to leave the organization and hired one of Wolfe’s students, Shadowsan, to eliminate him if it became necessary.

Wolfe, unbeknownst to the Faculty, had intended to meet up with Vera and leave his previous life behind, but it looked as though fate had other ideas for him. Shadowsan’s attempt to kill Wolfe was stopped by the intervention of Interpol agents who had arrived to place Wolfe under custody at the time Shadowsan discovered the cause for Wolfe’s actions.

  • Unfortunately, Wolfe was taken down by an agent from Interpol, and Shadowsan, who was unable to leave behind a child, took their infant girl back with him to The Isle of V.I.L.E., where she was nurtured as Black Sheep.
  • Shadowsan also set fire to Vera’s house in order to destroy any potential proof that could have been left behind.
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It is not known what happened to Vera beyond that point. She was the owner of the villa where Dexter and Carmen lived, and it was rumored that she passed away in 1999 from an illness, two weeks before Dexter Wolfe passed away. Wolfe had made up this story in order to make it possible for her to vanish.

  1. She was laid to rest in a casket, and a headstone read that she had lived from 1971 to 1999.
  2. But there was no one there, which was a clue that Vera was still alive.
  3. Carmen found out that Vera also used the code name Carlotta Valdez and that she stayed in Veracruz, Mexico, for almost one year before vanishing once more during the third season, when the search for Vera was still ongoing.

During this season, Carmen made this discovery. Because Carmen was on a quest to bring down V.I.L.E., this hunt had to be put on hold. Because Carmen was obligated to redirect her attention back to V.I.L.E. by the time the fourth season aired, the search for Carmen’s mother had practically petered out by that point.

  1. After doing more investigation into Carmen’s history of visiting the banks, the Chief of A.C.M.E.
  2. eventually learned about Vera’s existence.
  3. This led to the discovery of the thief’s birth certificates as well as her personal effects.
  4. Following the arrangement of a meeting between Carmen and Chief, the latter confirmed that the former would agree to provide the former with the information she required in return for details on Carmen’s mother.

During the course of the Chief’s investigation, she came to the conclusion that Vera Cruz, whose actual name is Carlotta Valdez, was born and reared in Veracruz, Mexico. It was there that she had some sort of encounter with Wolfe, who, as Julia put it, “took her civilian heart.” It is revealed that the two have made it an important that they must not be seen in public together, most likely to evade the prying eyes of V.I.L.E.

It is then ultimately disclosed that Vera Cruz is, in fact, still alive. She has since reverted back to using the name Carlotta Valdez, and she established an orphanage six months after Wolfe’s passing. Given that there were no bodies discovered in the ashes of her manor, it was hypothesized that this was an attempt to locate her daughter.

However, the theory was never proven. Shadowsan later broke into the orphanage, where he discovered Vera’s belongings, three of which consisted of her long-lost daughter and late husband/lover, Dexter Wolfe (showing she still misses and remembers them both fondly), and the final Matryoshka doll belonging to Carmen’s own set of Matryoshka dolls.

  • Shadowsan also found the final Matryoshka doll belonging to Carmen’s own set of Matry At the conclusion of the most recent episode, Carmen is finally handed the case file pertaining to the information about her mother, and she is also finally granted the opportunity to meet her.
  • The next thing that is seen of her is her arriving in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in front of the orphanage, where she is getting ready to meet Carlotta.

Carlotta makes her first formal appearance, although with her back turned to the viewer, and eventually meets her long-lost daughter as she opens the door. Carlotta was probably relieved to learn that her daughter was still alive and appeared to be in good health.

Is El Topo dating chevre?

Trivia – The Spanish word for “the mole” is where he got his moniker, which is apt given his equipment. He is able to traverse the underworld because to the artificial claws that resemble those worn by moles. In Spanish, the word “Spy” can also be translated as “Topo,” which is a synonym.

  • Because Professor Maelstrom calls him a ‘small mole,’ it’s possible that he received the inspiration for his code name from Professor Maelstrom.
  • El Topo is only seen going on missions with Le Chèvre throughout the entirety of the series.
  • He places a higher value on his partner’s safety than accomplishing the tasks they set out to do together, as evidenced by the fact that he drops everything when Zack tells him that Le Chèvre was mauled by dingos during the “Opera in the Outback Caper.” In the video game “Who in the World is Carmen Sandiego?” Because they are almost never seen apart from one another, people often refer to him and Le Chèvre as being inseparable.

An Instagram Live interview conducted by Duane Capizzi revealed that he and Le Chèvre are dating, and Le Chèvre herself verified the news. During the origami training, he made an attempt to fold a paper mole but ended up just crumpling the paper in his fury.

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How old is Julia Carmen Sandiego?

A young lady in her her 20s is described here in physical terms. Julia Argent is a young woman with light complexion, short blue hair with a blue sheen, and round dark-rimmed spectacles. Her hair is cut short and has a blue shine. Julia Argent is a person of mixed descent, having both Chinese and British ancestry.

Why does Carmen Sandiego wear red?

Scenes in which Carmen has a lot of power or influence will typically be coloured red, whereas scenes in which V.I.L.E. has a lot of power or influence will typically be tinged green. The other ACME agents don’t have the bright red shirt that Julia Argent has, but she does because she is the only one of them that thinks Carmen is a nice person.

Is Carmen Sandiego evil?

Please also see – Template:Carmen Sandiego

Carmen Sandiego Villains
Main Series Carmen Sandiego | Carmine Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego? Carmen Sandiego | Dr. Sara Bellum | Lee Jordan | Dr. Gunnar Maelstrom Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? Carmen Sandiego | Contessa | Patty Larceny | Kneemoi | Double Trouble | Eartha Brute Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego? Carmen Sandiego | Jacqueline Hyde | Buggs Zapper Netflix series Professor Maelstrom | Coach Brunt | Countess Cleo | Dr. Sarah Bellum | V.I.L.E. ( The Cleaners , Roundabout , Cookie Booker , Crackle , Tigress , Le Chevre , El Topo , Paper Star , Mime Bomb , Neal the Eel , The Mechanic , The Driver , Lady Dokuso , Otter Man and Moose Boy , Spinkick and Flytrap , The Troll , Madame Goldlove & Dash Haber )

Is Carmen Sandiego a Mary Sue?

Where On Earth Is Carmen Sandiego Cartoon Once upon a time (1992), game show host Greg Lee stated to the Associated Press, “We want to motivate them to learn about the world.” At the time, Lee had just taken the helm at a children’s education show entitled Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?, whose plot demanded the children observe the command of their boss at Interpol, The Chief (Lynne Thigpen), to capture the evasive monument thief.

  1. The idea of the show, which was based on a computer game, was initially conceived with the intention of retaining the audience of older children after they had graduated from Sesame Street and other morning programs aimed at younger people.
  2. My generation is unanimous in our agreement that it accomplished just that.

However, the developers of the Carmen Sandiego video game and program franchise were not able to foresee the cultural influence that Sandiego would have on a certain population of girls when the canon was released: Latin American girls. Because of her encyclopedic knowledge of history, her acute yet conservative fashion sense, and her ability to operate and maintain the well-oiled machine that is V.I.L.E., Sandiego was considered by many children to be the epitome of coolness.

  1. She was the most educated, accomplished, and powerful person the culture had given little Latinas, and she finally looked a little bit like them.
  2. This was significant for tiny Latinas.
  3. After twenty years of support, I believe I am allowed to address her by her first name, Carmen.
  4. Carmen (after twenty years of support, I feel entitled to be on a first-name basis with her) started her life in the spotlight in 1983 when she was the boss leading a pack of intrepid monument thieves bent on hoarding the greatest creations of mankind.

Her henchmen would be operating in every major city in the world, including Istanbul, Tokyo, and Las Vegas, and they would be trying some of the most audacious thefts in human history. The video served as the inspiration for one of the most important aspects of my generation’s formative years: the game show Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? In this show, children “traveled” the world to the tune of a cool Rockapella soundtrack under the direction of The Chief in an effort to locate our ambiguously heroic veteran.

  1. Sandiego was the final obstacle to overcome before receiving a promotion from The Chief, much to other video games that feature well-known villains as their final bosses.
  2. The game show then did the same thing.
  3. But in contrast to a good many of the video games we are familiar with now, such as The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Brothers, as well as female-led video games such as Tomb Raider, the title character in this game is the antagonist, not the hero, and the player’s goal is to vanquish them.

Even though she was a gumshoe understudy of The Chief, Carmen was technically considered to be a rival of The Chief. However, Carmen was the first of her kind to acquire the honor of directing her video game series. Even in the obituary of the show’s creator, Raymond Portwood, Jr., the New York Times couldn’t bring itself to refer to her staff as “thieves.” This is a testament to how well-liked she was.

  • Mr. Portwood is credited with the creation of Carmen Sandiego, along with his colleague Lauren Elliott.
  • Carmen Sandiego, a former secret agent turned rogue, is the ringleader of a gang of eccentric provocateurs who roam the world causing trouble, typically by stealing a treasure of local significance.

Mr. Portwood and Ms. Elliott worked together on the character. The player takes on the role of an Interpol detective and must follow Carmen Sandiego or her henchmen throughout many cities and countries using the clues that are offered by witnesses. Let us not forget that your boss in the game at all times is the venerable Chief, a powerful woman if there ever was one.

  • Sandiego is not the only character in the Carmen Sandiego canon that presents these challenges to young women.
  • Sandiego is not the only character in the Carmen Sandiego canon that presents these challenges to young women.
  • Sandiego, on the other hand, is a symbol of cultural defiance, which is one of the reasons why she has such a strong influence on girls (or at least she had such a strong influence on me).
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She is the first prominent example in American popular culture of a naughty yet adored hero who also happens to be both a woman and a Latin American. This makes her significant since she is the first example of its kind. A significant portion of popular culture instills in the minds of young Latinas, often beginning at an early age, what the values of American society entitle them to.

Granted, it is significantly more than most Latinas would in most of their native countries, but the diversity of jobs and lifestyles is still severely lacking: models, singers, ballerinas, and sex objects. This is despite the recent rise of female presidents in nations in the Southern Hemisphere. Even if you include the scantily dressed “journalists” on Primer Impacto, the range of talent that extends from Shakira to Jennifer Lopez doesn’t leave much room for academics and politicians on it.

Jennifer Lopez and Shakira are at opposite ends of the scale. Sandiego defies all of this in a number of ways: she does not dress provocatively; she is a reader and a thinker. She is the Chief Executive Officer of a business organization whose primary purpose is theft, but this does not change the fact that she is a CEO in her own right.

  1. The popular culture of the United States does not exactly abound with depictions of women who are successful business owners, law professors, or working in any other profession that requires an education.
  2. If the jobs of our dreams do not require an education, then why should young girls bother to do well in school? It’s not like that will be of any use to anyone in getting on Sabado Gigante.

For young girls who are told to stay in the kitchen with the girls when the men are talking politics, who are inundated with the most tired of tired stereotypes about “Latin Lovers” long before they even know what sex is, who admire the hair and makeup of the ladies in telenovelas while holding rag dolls that are intended to teach them how to rear children, Carmen Sandiego simply does not compute.

Why would a woman who has so much to look forward to in life—a husband, a house, a dog, and children to raise—decide to give it all up in order to spend all day reading about historic buildings or to run a business? Isn’t there already a sufficient number of males doing that? Those who call into question the morality of using Carmen Sandiego as a role model are taking her job description far too literally.

Sandiego couldn’t have been anything but a robber to girls, who are now women, who grew up around the hispanophone media (but some of the English-language media, too): any woman who tries to break from the script is unavoidably taking what isn’t hers.

  1. In the case of Sandiego, she was appropriating entire civilizations and assuming places in the social structure that she was not destined to occupy.
  2. Her place as the most powerful figure in the art and archaeology worlds should rightfully belong to some gringo, such as Indiana Jones or the guys from Ocean’s 11 or every Nicolas Cage character after he went bankrupt; these are thieves who are held up as heroes, whereas Sandiego is expected to wallow in villainy.

Sandiego seems to have missed the memo, however, that she may be inspiring tween girls to dream of having employees while not wearing bikinis on television, to actually take the time to learn history and culture, lending her a promethian quality that makes her more than just a video game legend, but a legitimate role model.

How old was player when he met Carmen?

Prior to his first encounter with Carmen when he was twelve years old, Player had a childhood that, as described in Secret of the Silver Lion, was marred by a degree of adversity. According to Player, his own words, his father deserted him and his mother, leaving them to raise Player on their own.

He spent a number of months looking for the man, and during that time he developed the skills that he would later use to assist Carmen and the other members of Team Red. However, when he finally located the man, Player came to the conclusion that his mother and he would have been better off without him.

(Though not before tampering with the ‘account numbers’ of his father) His mother later remarried, this time to Player’s present step-dad (whom Player appears to get along with well; he even refers to as a “wonderful person”). This occurred some time after the choice was made.

How old is tigress from Carmen Sandiego?

Sheena is at least 20 years old, a physically strong and active woman, and she has a professional level athletic background. Either her hair is completely white, or it is a golden blonde. She has a cute little beauty mark on the right side of her lips, and her eyes are the palest shade of blue.

  • Tigress is identifiable by the mask she wears, which is comprised of high-tech components such as night vision goggles (also making her eyes look green).
  • She appears to be wearing a catsuit, which consists of a set of gloves equipped with razor-sharp claws as well as a pair of black thigh-high boots with high heels.

She is able to see through anything and can utilize her enhanced eyesight to follow specific targets.

How old is Countess Cleo in Carmen Sandiego?

Cleo asserts that she is not older than 35, which would mean that she was only 15 years old when she was a member of the faculty. This would make her younger than Carmen, who was indoctrinated and granted a seat when she was approximately 21 years old.