Who Is The Best Cartoon Character?

Who Is The Best Cartoon Character
1. Bugs Bunny, from the Looney Tunes cartoon series; he first appeared in 1940 Ben Hardaway and Tex Avery are its creators. Mel Blanc, Jeff Bergman, and a host of additional voice actors are included. Rabbits have always been the coolest cats in the history of cartoons.

  1. Or a hare.
  2. [Note: This minute taxonomic distinction was never brought up during any of his many shenanigans, but he maintained an enviable air of nonchalance throughout them all, whether he was being hunted with Elmer Fudd’s shotgun, Yosemite Sam’s pistols, or Marvin Martian’s ACME Disintegration Pistol.

He was never caught. The well-known brand name of Warner Bros. had just one drawback: an off-kilter sense of direction (especially when tunneling through New Mexico). — Josh Jackson Ingram Follow @Paste TV for the most recent news, reviews, lists, and features related to television.

Who is the most popular cartoon character ever?

Top 10 Greatest TV Cartoon Characters of All Time

1. Mickey Mouse, from Steamboat Willie and other Disney animated shorts There is no one else that is even close to being as deserving of the top slot as this guy is. It’s possible that animation would not have ever reached its current level of popularity if Mickey Mouse and other characters from the early days of Disney hadn’t been created.